In the beginning was the word. the unventer was a thought in the dmv computer’s mind, a formula scribbled on a sheet of paper, an idea, a vision. To the outside world the unventor was the very first computer, one of the first of the New Wave, the movement that revolutionized digital media. It is the inner workings of a computer that we are concerned with: the transistors, the wiring, and, importantly, the bits.


bits, strings, and phrases, phrases that make up computer code.


The code revealed a new and strange world. the phrases, they held the secret of creation itself. The coded phrases revealed an order we had never imagined, the strange geometry of the universe, not as the realm of an artist, but as the structure of a machine.


The New Wave was an artistic movement, an epoch, a point in time, a style. But it was also the beginning of the end. the New Wave was, in a way, the computer age. the age of the computer as art. an age of beauty, in the beauty of mathematics, in the beauty of the machine itself.

Gaia Grimes is sweeping, the painter turned physicist, an anomaly in the morgue. She sweeps across her computer monitor and out of frame. It is an image of a tiny woman that has seen the future. her voice is a man’s.


The future.

And so he fell in love with her, fell in love with the possibilities. had he been more ambitious they might have been together for all eternity.


But the possibilities were endless. They say that love is a game that asks too much of the players, demands too much. He had pushed the machine to the brink of true understanding. he had challenged the known universe. and the known universe was more than ready to meet his challenge. he had pushed the machine to the edge of the impossible.


So he had held his hand out. and just when he felt he had met the impossible he felt that he had lost the impossible. just when he was certain of forever the mechanics of his very survival would be compromised. This solidifies an understanding that the god may be everywhere and nowhere. It has parallels in scripture, wherein the transcendent god and the divine are everywhere and nowhere. We are all cybernetic and absent in the meadows.

-extract from The Unveter, a Hyperion Epic