[20:00] <@BipolarBear0> Well, it is now possible to express your thoughts (or the world), even with words.

[20:00] <@BipolarBear0> And now what do you propose?

[20:02] <@BipolarBear0> Or maybe you should send me that, the best, your best one?

[20:03] <@BipolarBear0> The best one you should send, if indeed this is the most possible...

[20:04] <@BipolarBear0> The one most likely to save your life, when you die.

[20:05] <+Tav_> that one is an actual post

[20:05] <@BipolarBear0> That was an inspiration to all of us - maybe all of us.

[20:06] <+Tav_> if not... how do you explain the use of the hyphen in the article?

[20:06] <+Tav_> so how did it come about...

[20:07] <@BipolarBear0> This is where you should get started. Do you consider yourself an optimist?

[20:07] <+Tav_>

become ilit...

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